laser table 2.0" lens

Guide: Why and how to change the laser lens on your engraving machine?

Discover how laser lenses can improve engraving or cutting quality & productivity.

Frequently underestimated, your laser's lens actually has a decisive impact on the cutting & engraving quality.
Changing laser lenses enables you to shape your engraver's laser beam according to certain properties.
With this guide, discover the effects of your lens on your laser beam, and determine which lens is the best answer to your application.

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Laser beam and lens concept schema

What is a laser lens?


The laser lens is the optical element of your machine that focuses the laser beam. The laser beam is between 8 and 10mm in diameter before the lens. The lens concentrates the beam at a thin point for greater precision and more concentrated power. This point is called the focal point.

The focal length of a lens defines the beam's angle of convergence.



Choosing a focal length defines the diameter of the laser spot and therefore the width of the engraving line.

The focal length also defines the focus depth, the distance over which the beam is considered to be focused.This determines the theoretical maximum thickness of the material to be cut.

Our must-have laser lenses

laser table 1.5" lens

Lens 1.5"

Precision and sharpness

Perfect for: precision engraving, detailed ink stamps, precision cutting on thin materials, high-resolution photos and logotypes (>800DPI).

Not suitable for: cutting thick materials (>3mm) and large engraving areas


Laser beam properties
Spot diameter (mm) 0.06
Focus depth (mm) 0.5
 Focal lengh (mm) 37.5


laser table 2.0" lens

Lens 2.0"


Perfect for: engraving and cutting of 2-ply plastics, engraving of letters (>1mm high) and medium-resolution photos and logotypes (<500DPI)

Not suitable for:  precision engraving or cutting of thick materials (>8mm)


Laser beam properties
Spot diameter (mm) 0.08
Focus depth (mm) 0.8
 Focal lengh (mm) 50.0


laser table 4.0" lens

Lens 4.0"

Thick cutting and fast engraving

Perfect for: cutting of thick materials (<25mm), engraving of large characters or large areas, engraving of objects with hollow or irregular surfaces, or low-detail designs (<200DPI)

Disadvantages: Low resolution and wide cutting lines


Laser beam properties
Spot diameter (mm) 0.16
Focus depth (mm) 3.3
 Focal lengh (mm) 100


Engraving comparison

See below how the lenses perform on an ultra-detailed wood engraving.
laser table 1.5" lens engraving example

1.5" engraving

The most detailed and accurate engraving

laser table 2.0" lens engraving example

2.0" engraving

A fine result, but some small details are missing

laser table 4.0" lens engraving example

4.0" engraving

A rough engraving that looks blurred

    Cutting comparison

    This is a comparison of the lenses on a slice of 10mm thick acrylic sheet.
    laser table 1.5" lens cutting example

    1.5" cutting

    A wave-shaped cut

    laser table 2.0" lens cutting example

    2.0" cutting

    A slightly angled cutting edge

    laser table 4.0" lens cutting example

    4.0" cutting

    A totally straight cut

      How to calibrate your machine to your new lens?

      Follow this simple 4 steps tutorial to change your laser lens and recalibrate your machine's automatic focal length.

      laser table lens calibration process - step 1

      First, launch our driver's interface by opening your machine's printing preferences on your computer.
      In the "machine" tab, back up your current settings by clicking on the "Send to computer" button.

      Then, unscrew the fleece screw to remove your current lens and attach your new lens in its place.

      laser table lens calibration process - step 2

      In your machine's menus (X button), select "Configuration" then "Lens" and indicate the focal length of your new lens.

      laser table lens calibration process - step 3

      Calibrate your machine perfectly to its new focal length by launching the calibration job via the driver interface.
      Prepare a sheet of anodized aluminum and run the job!

      The machine will engrave 13 lines.

      laser table lens calibration process - step 4

      Finally, select the number of the engraved line you feel is best engraved in the "Focus" field of the driver interface.

      Your machine is now perfectly calibrated to its new focal lens!

      laser lens guide - mockup

      Get our expert guide on how to choose laser lenses!

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