Gravotech - Rotary engraving machine


Innovative solutions for engraving, marking and artistic modeling

With its rich history, its know-how and its ability to constantly innovate, Gravograph has maintained its position as an international leader with robust solutions and services for applications where the Expression of Objects takes on its full meaning.
Becoming Gravotech allows it to build a broader offer by integrating certain technologies from the world of traceability.  

Today, Gravograph continues its evolution by joining forces with Technifor to become Gravotech and to better serve our customers around the world.


Gravograph, a historic brand

Founded in 1938 in the United States under the name of New Hermès, inventor of the first small pantograph, which arrived in Europe in 1946 (United Kingdom), Gravograph is undeniably the world reference in the mechanical and laser engraving industry: French manufacturer of mechanical machines since 1950 near Troyes, manufacturer of consumables since 1963 (Gravoply) and editor of its own software solutions to drive the machines. Gravograph was established very early on the 5 continents.  

With more than 160,000 machines installed worldwide and more than 80 years of experience in the manufacturing of mechanical and laser engraving and cutting machines, accessories, software, engraving materials, Gravograph offers its customers unique turnkey solutions for commercial, institutional and industrial applications in the signage and personalization markets: jewelers, signmakers, trophy makers, architects, professional engravers, craftsmen, major brands and industrialists are all customers who use Gravograph solutions for their applications.

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