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Jewellery engraving solutions

Jewellers, offer jewellery customisation to your customers with our laser and mechanical engraving machines.

Personalised pieces of jewellery are unique symbols, commemorating significant life events. Offer your customers unforgettable memories and priceless emotions through custom jewellery, and significantly increase your revenue.

Our engraving machines allow precise engraving on rings, bracelets and pendants crafted from precious metals like gold, silver and various alloys. Engrave text, logos, pictures or fingerprints, or reproduce handwritten messages from your customers.

Our engraving solutions are designed to be accessible to all, whether in a retail store or a workshop environment. Customers can watch or even participate in their jewellery personalisation! 

Jewellery engraving solutions

Our rotary jewellery engraving machines are compact, quiet and adapted for in-store use. They are compatible with diamond engraving and can be upgraded with a spindle. All precious metals can be engraved. 

The M10 Jewel is dedicated to inside and outside bangle and ring engraving. The M20 Jewel is a versatile engraving machine for jewellery cutting, ring engraving and flat engraving of bangles, pendants, medals, watches and more. The M20 Jewel can be upgraded into a M20 Jewel Cube by adding an external transparent casing, designed for in-store use. 

Learn more about jewellery engraving solutions in our dedicated jewellery leaflet.

Our laser jewellery engravers are silent systems capable of cutting and engraving simple and complex designs on rings, bracelets, pendants, medals, watches and more. 

The compact and sleek design of our WeLase™ laser station makes it the ideal solution for in-store use. The LW2 is a highly productive system that will fit in your workshop.

All precious metals can be laser engraved, but the engraving effect of your creations varies depending on the laser source.

Learn more about jewellery engraving solutions in our dedicated jewellery leaflet.

Mechanical or laser: which differences?

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Jewellery mechanical engraving

Mechanical engraving is preferred for the tone-on-tone, authentic and sophisticated effect it gives to jewellery and other items. Diamond engraving provides the thinnest and most elegant grooves. The diamond tip can be used in rotation to achieve a smoother effect without altering the groove thickness. A cutter allows for deeper engravings and jewellery cutting.

The rotary device enables inside and outside bangles (M10 Jewel) and ring engraving (M10 Jewel and M20 Jewel).

Many fonts developped by Gravotech are available on our software. They are optimised for rotary engraving as the differents tools can follow the engraving outline. Some fonts have two to three strokes to make the characters wider, while keeping a high quality engraving.

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Jewellery laser engraving

Laser is a very fast engraving technology that can achieve both light and deep engraving. 

It produces natural contrast, either black or white depending on the laser source: 

  • A Fibre laser source is recommended for jewellery deep engraving and cutting. 
  • Hybrid and Green sources provide a thin engraving and generate very little dust. 
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Jewellery cutting

Jewellery cutting with an engraving machine

Cutting with a mechanical solution

The M20 Jewel can cut any precious metal in several passes, ideal to create small shapes like hearts or names. Our cutting table specially designed for the M20 Jewel ensures the gift or jewel is held in place for stable and smooth cutting. Lubrication is facilitated by the rising edges of the table to prevent the work area from becoming dirty.

Enhance the quality of your engravings while reducing tool wear by using a lubricant. Our Engraving Gel is a non-irritating, odourless lubricant that is easy to use and won’t disrupt your customers’ experience. It is ideal for an in-store environment. 

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Jewellery cutting with a laser

Cutting with a laser solution

The WeLase™ Fibre enables cutting up to 1mm of material.

The wobbling cutting method increases the thermal radiation of the laser beam, thereby improving its efficiency. For instance, when working with a 0.5mm thick brass, this method reduces the processing time by 5 compared to traditional vector cutting.

The pin table facilitates material elevation during cutting, preventing deformation and colour degradation caused by material overheating.

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Ultimate guide eBook - How to choose the best jewellery engraving machine?


Want to learn how to choose the best jewellery engraving machine?

Download our guide and discover +15 criteria such as :

  • Level of expertise & budget
  • Types of jewels, material engraved & marking aesthetics,
  • Work environment & marking technologies (mechanical & laser)
  • And more!



Jewellery jigs

Engrave all kinds of jewellery

Dedicated jewellery personalisation kits

Rings, signet rings, bangles, bracelets, curb chain bracelets, pendants, watches… Jewelleries come in all sizes and shapes.

We provide an extensive range of jigs that are compatible with our M20 Jewel, WeLase and LW2 jewel engraving machines.

Gravotech offers the widest range of jigs dedicated to different jewel shapes and materials, find out more about our dedicated kits in our online catalog.

For an even more unique personalised jewel, Dedicace allow customers engrave their handwriting or drawing, through a graphic tablet. 

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Make it unique, create emotions

You are a luxury brand or an international brand and you would like to develop an exclusive in store customer experience for your clients, on your e-commerce site or during an event?

Gravotech offers tailored solutions that will meet your needs. A dedicated project manager will guide you throughout the collaboration: discussing requirements, running samples on your products, selecting the best-suited personalisation technology, solution deployment and user training.


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