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Personalising and engraving jewellery

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From some of the first human creations made by hand to wedding rings, Personalisation has always been part of the jewellery history. Whether on an impulse or made for a special event, jewels are associated with a personal feeling. Initially engraved by hand, nowadays computer-controlled (CNC) engraving machine for jewellery allows very precise and above all new engraving possibilities: text, logo, hand signature, fingerprint, photos, and many others. The in-shop trend is more and more towards delayed personalisation, allowing the engraving of jewellery at the last moment so the customer can participate in the engraving as an experience in the shop and create a special moment Jewellery also finds a growing need online, as jewellers often display their creation on the Web with personalisation possibilities. Online engraving is appreciated as the customer can try different fonts, photos, messages and preview the result.

Aesthetics and Precision are the keys for jewellery engraving. Any ring, pendant or bracelet can easily be personalised and become unique. You can also engrave inside of rings to personalise even more. Gravotech technologies can precisely engrave on precious metal such as gold or silver or any alloy and any shapes. “New” material used in Jewellery like wood or most plastics are also easily engravable. Diamond engraving can mark the jewel without removing any material (no chips, no dust), laser surface marking will vaporise only a tiny quantity. Thus, the personalised jewel does not lose any precious weight nor value. Jewel creation is also possible, please refer to our “Jewellery Creation” page

Why choose Gravotech jewellery engraving machine?

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Gravotech offer both Laser and Mechanical technologies, allowing you to choose the right system for your requirements.  Mechanical for a traditional 'engraved' finish, Laser for precision marking and fine details - with both technologies able to cut precious metals. 

Thanks to a long experience and many accessories available for our systems, we will have a solution for you. Unsure as to which technology is right for you? We can create samples for you and organise a demonstration, so you can choose what kind of jewellery engraving machine suits you the best: small jewellery engraving machine, or jewellery laser engraver.

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With Galvanometric lasers, Personalisation is practically instantly. It requires on average 5 seconds to carve a name but it can be pushed to just one second. Gravotech also offers lasers with Hybrid or Green sources and Mechanical diamond engraving technologies, with which you do not need to rework your craft after engraving: no cleaning, no polishing, the jewel is directly ready for its owner.

ABC Software for jewellery engraving

Gravotech offers unique solutions dedicated to in-shop use: a compact rotary engraver or laser inside a transparent casing run by a wireless tablet. These solutions can be used in front of your customer with total safety and enhance the Jewel and its engraving. Displayed in a shop, this attractive equipment attracts the attention of your customers, becoming part of your sales process even triggering the sales decision.

Discover Gravotech’s solutions

Galvanometric lasers are the fastest technology for jewellery personalisation. Our different jewellery laser engraving machines allow a deep or contrasted engraving on your jewellery, thanks to the unique laser sources choice and software parameters we offer. Deep engraving is also possible. The size of the laser beam is less than 50µm so even your smallest composition will be precisely marked, aesthetic, and readable. The laser technology being contactless, the part to be marked does not need to be clamped, the engraving process is greatly simplified. It is also possible to engrave jewellery too fragile to be engraved with a rotary engraver because of the risks of bending the object.

Gravotech has been present in the jewellery market for more than 80 years. Rotary technology allows either to engrave deep or to obtain a clean and fine traditional marking. The mechanical precision of about 0.1mm and the vibration-absorbing structure of the machine ensure high engraving quality. Most of these jewellery engraving machines, contrary to competitors, are diamond dragging ready and can be upgraded with a spindle and/or a Rotary device afterward. So as your business grows in the future, you won’t need to buy completely new jewellery engraving equipment, but only the necessary accessory to expand your engraving possibilities.

Our software allows you to compose your creation, set the machine parameters, and launch the action. They all are compatible with laser and rotary jewellery engraving machines. ABC: Simply choose your text, logo, the result you want, and engrave it. Ideal for newcomers to the engraving world and most engraving needs in the shop. Gravostyle: Advanced functions such as photo engraving, logo editing, handwriting, 3D engraving, whose software will enable you to benefit from all the best solutions and offer very advanced possibilities. Gravotouch: create a catalogue of products and possibilities with saved presets.

Gravotech offers a large range of cutters with different sharpening angles to engrave precisely at any size.