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When it leaves the factory, every vehicle must be identified with a 17-character number which appears on its car registration document : The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), uses a standardized serial number making each vehicle unique. Automotive manufacturers, dealer shops, spare parts dealers, vehicle insurance companies and even individuals make use of VIN engraving and etching machines to print these unique codes on various parts of the vehicles depending on the purpose. Some add extra VIN engravings as a proactive security feature to act as a deterrent to vehicle thieves or to help them identify stolen vehicles and spare parts while others add VIN engravings to comply with local regulations.

For your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) marking on chassis, you need a perfectly suited tool, able to reliably mark onto the hardest steels now used in automotive products Gravotech marking solutions for VIN marking can be used with standard and customized marking machines, integrable into the lines. The scribe marking engraves a permanent mark on the chassis of the vehicle and meets all the requirements of this very specific deep marking of the automotive sector. Gravotech standard scribing solutions are made to be integration on production lines, fully automated or manually operated. They are designed for the toughest environments, tailorable to meet every need, and can provide up to 100Kg of driving force on X, Y, Z-axis thanks to their robust and powerful design. Combined with our tungsten carbide or diamond marking tools, they generate sharp and deep character markings, while staying reasonably silent.

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Vehicule Identification Number deep marking

- legible and deep marking - a machine able to mark 17 characters + 2 identifiers - a short cycle time - a communicative solution able to exchange data - a very reliable machine - a quiet assembly workplace

SV510 - VIN Marking Solution

The SV510 VIN number machine is a simple and flexible system that can be adapted to all types of vehicles. Its silent marking does not require any casing and the results are deep and permanent.

Fully turnkey solution based around main elements: Fast and powerful scribing marking head SV510 and his unique scribing controller.

To mark large parts, non-disassemblable parts, on fixed stations or on moving vehicle lines, our scribing marking head can easily be transformed into a mobile solution.

VIN Marking on metal parts

Less than 10 seconds required to mark 17 characters 6mm high, or more. A 120x40mm marking window (up to 200x40 on request). Our scribe marking machines possess one of the best marking speed/depth ratios It offers high quality marking with great readability It offers an extensive range of stylus for marking irregular, curved and difficult to access surfaces, etc. Scribing machines are mechanically robust and thus require little to no maintenance. These machines are always suitable for integration into production lines and robotic arms (with part clamping). our solutions are fully customizable to adapt to your production lines. Total connectivity: The dedicated scribing control unit is the most communicative on the market: RS232 ports, USB, Ethernet TCP/IP, Profinet/Profibus protocol, 8 input/4 output for easy integration into your production lines.

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Silent with aesthetic and deep marking results, the scribing machines are used in all industrial applications subject to noise level limitations: - for marking large metal components - for marking V.I.N. code (Vehicle Identification Number).