Gravotech - LW2 marking station

Gravotech presents its LW2 laser marking workstation

Rediscover our LW2 Laser engraver

Available now, this laser marking machine aims to significantly boost the productivity of manufacturers in different activity sectors.

For 80 years, Gravotech has been designing, manufacturing and marketing dedicated engraving solutions. Its continuous investment in innovation enables it to develop solutions adapted to specific technical needs. Today, Gravotech is proud to present its LW2 laser station which will meet all permanent marking and identification needs.

Industrial design, optimal security

The LW2 is a Class 1 fully secure laser station.

Its 100% industrial construction, its sober and compact design is what makes this laser station the most efficient and secure solution on the market. Controlling the marking with ease, using the functions without a computer, nothing could be easier thanks to its touch screen. It allows you to control the laser marking machine (opening and closing of the door, adjustment of the focal distance and vertical Z axis as well as the lighting and activation of the extractor) and to choose, launch and manage your marking jobs.

Configurable for all production rates

The LW2 laser marking machine is available in several versions to create the best marking on most materials: would it be unit, batch or fully controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Computer) like cobots (collaborative robots).

This laser station is suitable for all applications: identification plates, tools, electronic and electrical components, automotive parts, medical instruments, permanent marking...

To mark a wide variety of materials, the LW2 is available in several versions:

  • Fiber or Hybrid laser for metals (steel, aluminum, carbon, copper...) and plastics
  • Laser Green for plastics (ABS, PA, PC…) and sensitive materials

Gravotech, leader in the identification sector, offers the best industrial laser marking station on the market.