Laser plastic engraving

Plastics for beginners: getting started with laser marking

Find out everything you need to know about laser marking on plastic parts.
Gravotech ebook for laser marking industrial plastic parts

Plastic, an ubiquitous material in industry, finds extensive use in various sectors, whether automotive, aeronautics or medical... Among the technologies favored for this purpose, laser marking stands out by its efficiency and its versatility. Find out everything you need to know in our guide “Getting started with laser marking on plastics”!

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Who is the advice in this guide for?

This practical guide is aimed at companies (VSEs, SMEs...) who need to mark plastic for the first time, whether for internal needs or to satisfy a need for their customers.

It also concerns those who have already invested in a laser marking system, eager to explore possibilities and take full advantage of its capabilities for the marking of plastic materials.

Laser marking on plastics: the main principles

circuit board components identification permanent marking

The chemical composition of thermoplastics

Thermoplastics encompass a multitude of plastics (also known as polymers), each with distinct properties.

A thorough understanding of the material's chemical composition is therefore essential when choosing the most suitable laser marking solution.

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Gravotech -  Laser series : Hybrid, CO2 and green

Laser types for plastic marking

Laser sources are numerous and vary in terms of wavelength, power, and emission mode:

  • CO2
  • Fiber
  • DPSS (green or hybrid)

It is therefore crucial to select the appropriate laser type to achieve optimal industrial results when marking plastic. Find out which ones are preferred!

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Datamatrix marking on a plastic part

Possible renderings with laser technology

Laser marking offers a diverse range of material interactions, including colorization, sublimation or surface modification. This technique creates high contrasts.

Each option has its own specific characteristics, requiring careful evaluation according to the needs of the application.

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Gravotech ebook for laser marking industrial plastic parts


Download our guide now to find out how this innovative technology can meet your business requirements. It will provide you with all the essential information on laser marking on plastics:

  • The different types of plastic
  • Laser sources
  • Possible results
  • Advantages of laser marking

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