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POP Displays and sign engraving

Discover our display and sign engraving machine!

The point of purchase (POP) display is a value-added solution for many retail outlets. Most last-minute purchases are made from strategically placed displays thanks to their eye-catching feature. Our CNC sign making machine can easily cut in Acrylic, Wood, Metal, cardboard and many other materials. Any creative shape from your imagination and we can make it real even adding a UV printing process or lighting for colourful advertising.

- Acrylic POS/POP displays - Backlit Acrylic displays - Wood POS/POP displays - UV printed display - Thin metal cutting - 2.5D wood carving - Thick material cutting - Advertising

Why choose Gravotech display and sign engraving machine?

Gravotech wide range of materials

Design your creation on our CAD/CAM software, select the most appropriate support within our large material catalogue and transform it with our Rotary or Laser sign making machine. The Gravotech offer is the only one combining all these technologies on the market and will support you at each of these stages.

CO2 laser engraving acrylic, plexiglass, pmma

Rotary and Laser technologies are fully complementary as they give different visual aspects on the processed materials. Our material range like Laserwood or Acrylic, and many others are made for both engraving and cutting. The processing of small, medium and large series using the Matrix mode can be a nice productivity boost by cutting batches of displays in one go.

Ice POP sign engraving

Thanks to our Print & Cut feature and plug-in, the file from any UV printer can be sent directly from 3rd party software to the laser. An embedded camera will acquire the targets and laser will cut the shape automatically around the printed pattern. Moreover, Gravostyle ™software combined with our large Rotary tables will give more depth to your creations by opening up 3D possibilities.

Discover Gravotech’s solutions

Choose among our range materials to best fit your need. Use Gravoply™ 1 or Gravoglas™ 2-Plex™Textured for their resistance, their UV stability, their deep engraving and their consistent cutting performance. On their side, Acrylic and Laser Wood guarantee an attractive and creative design. Engrave and cut them with a mechanical or laser machine for a modern display or sign. Keep in mind that most of our materials are suitable for UV printing.