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Marking on mechanical parts is necessary for the identification or inscription of informative data on your products. This marking step is a must for industrial companies to be able to follow the manufactured product and ensure its traceability throughout its life cycle. The need for marking parts in manufacturing is international and universal. It corresponds as well to very large industries that produce components at a high rate as to smaller workshops with a production of a few units per day. Most industries today need to identify and code their parts. Gravotech works closely with industrialists to identify parts such Shafts, pins, bushings, housings, flanges, bushings, sleeves, rollers, sleeves, hubs, pinions, pistons, pins, pushers, valves, etc.

Conscious that to implement a system of traceability of mechanical parts is an important challenge for these companies and that it represents an investment. Gravotech provides turnkey engraving stations of different technologies for marking parts, small and medium series, with a controlled cost. - Engrave your logo, your brand - Mark a reference, a serial number, a batch number, etc. - Identify each part to monitor their tracking - Meet quality standards and create a traceability system

Why choose Gravotech industrial part marking machines?

Production line - automotive industry

- a solution adapted to your production speed - a solution adapted to the materials and characteristics of your mechanical parts. - Increase your productivity - Easy to use solution, accessible to your operators without specific training - Safe process

Laser station and Dot peen engraving machine

Benchtop dot peen marking machines - This all in one multipurpose dot peen machine is ideal for low to medium volume production, the marking solution with the best compromise between cycle time, depth and budget. It is perfectly adapted to mark a durable alphanumerical text on little mechanical parts. Industrial laser engraver - Designed to boost productivity and maximise return on investment, the LW2 Touch is the laser marking station for all industrial applications, identification and traceability, from unit marking to high pace production. Benefit from a complete, productive workstation that is adaptable to your applications and all circumstances. Versatile, equipped with a panel of options, accessories and laser sources to adapt to your materials and applications.

Laser marking of datamatrix

- EASY IDENTIFICATION identification of each mechanical part with a unique serial number or a 2D code. Our machines can automatically generate the marking data. Our software will help you implement full traceability. No specific training is required for your employees! - REDUCE YOUR COSTS Switch from a labelling solution to a direct part marking solution. No consumables, lower cost of ownership - FLEXIBILITY Our stations offer options (3D stylus & 3D module) to mark parts of various shapes. Our accessory Rotary Device will allow marking of cylindrical parts Our complete range of mechanical and laser solutions will cover all type of material: metals and plastics

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Laser marking stations can be used to mark all your components regardless of the material: plastic, metal, organic minerals and more. The workspace is optimized to identify, in a series of by unit, without cluttering your environment. Our stations are compatible with all our laser technologies.